Information Sheet


Landlord Reg. No. 90750/230/23370

461, 463 & 465 Calder Road, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4AN

465 Calder Road, which is reference 10013 (NAPP9743) is situated at SIGHTHILL opposite Napier University (Sighthill campus), Edinburgh College and 10 minutes from Heriott Watt University at Riccardon.


The tenancy is the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT MODEL PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL TENANCY AGREEMENT, ( P. R. T. ) a copy of which can be found here

Please read and understand all 28 pages of this tenancy agreement.

461,463 & 465 Calder Road are all five bedroom houses. For the avoidance of doubt, each house has a single tenancy agreement to which all tenants must sign. In effect the landlord simply introduces the tenants to each other and all sign a single tenancy agreement and are therefore all equally responsible for the tenancy. If one tenant wishes to leave early before the other tenants, the landlord at his discretion may relieve the leaving tenant of their obligations under the tenancy agreement on the basis that the leaving tenant forfeits the equivalent of one months rent for their room and they or the landlord finds another suitable tenant to take their place. The tenancy will end on the 31st August unless the tenant/s wish to continue it.


We do not take a deposit for Houses in Multiple Occupation. However we do operate an advance rent float of two months rent. Therefore you pay three months rent in advance before you move in and subsequently pay on the 1st of each month thereafter. Once you know when you intend to move out, you inform the landlord, look for a suitable replacement tenant for your room and (provided a new tenant has been found) stop your rent payments two months before your move out date. The tenants can either elect together to pay the rent collectively or individually. To reserve a place on the tenancy you must pay the equivalent of two months rent for the room you have chosen and you then pay another months rent before you move in. We work on a first come first served basis and we will not reserve a place until the two months rent is paid.


Please print off a copy of this form (page 26 of P.R.T.) have your parents sign, print and date it and bring it with you along with a photocopy of photographic identification, (passport/ identity card) including name and address, of person/s signing the guarantee.

The landlord undertakes to hold the tenant/guarantor responsible solely for their share of responsibility of the tenancy provided the said tenant adheres to their obligations under the agreement.


You must bring with you a photocopy of photographic identification ( passport/driving licence/student card etc.) and evidence of your home address ( utility bill, bank statement etc or some official letter with your name and address on it ). You must also produce evidence of your student status and name of University/College etc and your matriculation (Student) number.

Please bring a photocopy of these documents with you and also provide your email and mobile phone number, and if these chance during your tenancy PLEASE INFORM THE LANDLORD.
For foreign tenants it is a good idea to sign up to Whatsapp.


These are all paid directly to the suppliers by the tenants. In the past few years they have averaged about £35 per month per room over a twelve month period. Obviously energy costs are much higher in winter than in summer. Some houses have pre payment meters fitted.


The tenants must keep the house clean and tidy and the landlord reserves the right at his discretion to have the house cleaned from time to time and charge the tenants for cleaning if he feels the house is not being adequately cleaned.

The kitchens especially must be kept clean and all pots, pans and dishes must be washed and stored immediately after use.

Dirty dishes lying about the common areas will not be tolerated.

The house is STRICTLY NO SMOKING. If you want to smoke you must do so outside of the house.


The tenants must familiarize themselves with the fire safety requirements and ensure a record of the weeky alarm testing is kept up to date.

CHIP PAN DEEP FAT FRYING, naked flames, candles, incense burning and smoking are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


The landlord and his agents will have access to all common areas of the property, ie halls, kitchens, bathrooms, boiler rooms, common rooms without the specified 48 hours written notice, in order to inspect, certify and carry out repairs. As regards entry to bedrooms, text, phone call or email will be deemed adequate notice.


The address of the property will be the service address for all paperwork between the landlord/his agents and the tenant during and after the end of the tenancy unless the tenant provides and alternative service address. In the event of a dispute the tenant agrees to be bound by the decisions of the Scottish Courts and not insist on separate litigation in any jurisdiction outside of Scotland.


Sighthill Shopping Centre is 50 metres from the house on Calder Road where there is a Bank, Supermarket, Fish and Chip shop, Chinese take away, Pub, Pharmacy and Bakery. There is also a 24 hour BP Petrol Filling Station with an ATM and a Health Centre on the opposite side of Calder Road.

There is a Scotmid grocery shop at 289 Calder Road with an ATM, Post Office and Pharmacy.

There is a 24 hour Tesco Superstore at Corstorphine about 1 mile from the flat. Take the No 32 or 21 bus. PC World Computer Store is beside Tesco at Corstorphine.

There is a 24 hour ASDA Superstore at Chesser Avenue about 1 mile from the flat. Take No 300 or 34 buses.

Wester Hales Shopping Centre is a 10 minute walk away. There is a Lidi and Bank of Scotland.

The GYLE Shopping Centre is about 1 mile away from the flat. Take the 300 bus or Tram from Bankhead stop.


The house is on a main bus route and there are connections to all over Edinburgh and beyond from the bus stop in front of the house.

No 300 goes directly to the Airport

No 3 and 3a and No 25 go directly to the city centre approximately every 10 minutes ( approximately 20 minute journey time)

No 34 and 25 go directly to Heriot Watt University. (approximately 9 minutes journey time)

No 300 goes to Edinburgh University at George Square (approximately 25 min journey time)

No 34 goes close to Napier Craiglockhart campus. (approximately 20 minute journey time)

If you are coming to 465 Calder Road from the Airport, take the No 300 bus and get off at Napier University stop immediately after the BP petrol filling station. The house is immediately across the road.

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